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469 Locksmith Prosper is the most dependable and consistent service provider in and around Prosper, TX for all sorts of locksmith services. With innovative techniques and methodologies, the service organization can give small to large locksmith services spanning from commercial, industrial, automobile, and residential locksmithing. Through our great and viable efficient services, the business takes a precise and personalized approach and seeks to attain the highest level of service satisfaction. 469 Locksmith Prosper specialists operate with a single goal in mind: to satisfy all customer requirements honestly and effectively, in a timely and hassle-free way, in order to suit all clients’ different and complicated needs.


469 Locksmith Service & Repair
Serving Prosper & Surrounding Areas

Our company boasts a complete set of services for any type of Locksmith issue our clients face within Prosper.

469 Locksmith Prosper Also Servicing Zip Codes: 75033,75078,76227

Providing the Finest Locksmith Services You Need In Your Home Town Prosper

Our Expert Locksmith Prosper team are licensed, bonded and insured and they take the locksmith services they perform for you very seriously. We provide prompt, professional locksmith services to the Prosper area, giving our client a peace of mind.

Car Key Cutting Dallas

Prosper Car Key Cutting

We provide affordable 24-hour key cutting service anywhere in Prosper. Find the best Locksmith Prosper here anytime.

Commercial Locksmith Dallas

Prosper Commercial Services

We understand your concern regarding your business safety and security. At Locksmith Prosper, find everything from the latest technology gadget installation and repairing to rekeying company locks.

Residential Locksmith Services Dallas

Prosper Residential Services

Our skilled and professional Prosper locksmiths can visit your place to fix your issue in no time.

Duplicate Keys Dallas

Prosper Duplicate Keys

Getting your home key duplicated is a trusting job in itself. We provide licensed and trusted locksmiths that will duplicate keys for your home, vehicle, office, or anything else!

Laser Cut Keys Dallas

Prosper Laser Cut Keys

Development in the IT sector has brought new and better ways to protect your little world from every possible danger.

Emergency Car Lockout Dallas

Prosper Emergency Car Unlocking

Our emergency services are available 24/7 to help the residents of Prosper located anywhere, anytime. Call us, and we will send our mobile services to fix your issue and get you inside your property.

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About Us

Find the Best Locksmith in Prosper Anytime Anywhere

The Fear Is Over

Everyone has, at some point or another, experienced that terrible feeling of dread when they discover that they do not have the key required to get into their vehicle, residence, or business. The guilt at forgetting to take the required key, the fear from not knowing where the key actually ended up, and the annoyance at having wasted time can all build up to a very overwhelming situation.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

Our Prosper locksmith team has the right skill and experience to help you get inside with minimal or no loss. Locksmith Prosper understands the value of providing professional and quality service to each and every client. Whether you need a replacement for your home lock, want to get back inside your vehicle, or require a routine maintenance and security system check, we believe in providing complete customer satisfaction, quality, and value to every client.

Prosper, Texas

Your One-Stop-Shop Locksmith

There are lot more services to offer by Locksmith Prosper. We bring efficient and cost-effective solutions to your locksmith problems with the latest technologies and expert technicians. Call us right away to get locksmith services anytime.

What Do We Do?

We are your one-stop locksmith shop in the greater Prosper area. No matter what you need, we can make it work. We have been making keys since 2002 and providing top-notch security to residents of Prosper.

We Use Latest Technology

We believe in ethical principles. Hence, your keys are safe with us – we work ethically. Also, our locksmiths are equipped with the latest technology tools, so you get the best of Locksmith services. No more conventional ways that take a lot of time and energy. We do it professionally and smartly! Also, not just are we reliable and tech-friendly, we are also the fastest locksmith company in Prosper. 

We Offer 24/7 Services

Locksmith Prosper is a trustworthy company that provides the best Locksmith services in areas all over Prosper, including car locksmith, commercial locksmith, automotive locksmith, residential locksmith, and much more. We also offer 24/7 services to our clients in the Prosper area, so try us out if you need any key-making service!

Our Expertise


We are your one-stop locksmith shop in the greater Prosper area. No matter what you need, we can make it work. We have been making keys since 2002 and providing top-notch security to residents of Prosper.

Lock installations, repairs, and replacements.

Installation of high-security deadbolts and other access control systems.

Transponder key programming for cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Emergency lockout services.

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At 469locksmith, we pride ourselves on the level of service we provide. We value your security and peace of mind, and go to great lengths to make sure our customers are satisfied with our work. Our Prosper locksmith team is available 24/7 every day of the year while offering a wide variety of services for both residential and commercial clients.

Why Choose Us?

We train our employees to give any sort of emergency services in need so as to build up a good reputation in the clients mind. We are well known as emergency a Locksmith in Prosper.

469 Locksmith delivers extraordinary service, unique and unrivaled, to give optimum quality service satisfaction to all clients, carving a distinctive niche in the market in the region. All locksmith tasks, whether an emergency call from a residential or auto owner or a security structure enhancement study from a commercial unit, are handled by qualified and professional locksmiths. The personnel are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with various brands and types of locks and security systems, and they can help clients improve their security measures as needed.

We are the professionals to call if you need to unlock any type of lock or keyway, or if you need a top brand and high-quality security system installed at your location. You will be provided with timely, competent, and cost-effective service from industry specialists.

We do complete inspection of the problem and then give the best suited solution that solves the problem. We provide the customers the mobile unit support which always is ready to support the customers by our 24*7 emergency services. We do provide quality check option to our customers to make them sure that the service they are getting are up to the mark.

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At 469 Locksmith, we offer different locksmith services to people throughout Addison. No matter what kind of lock you have, we have experience in handling it. Our certified and licensed Addison Locksmith professional will install and repair whatever you want. Get in touch now to get different services like lock change, lock rekeying, and key cutting.

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