How to Pick the Best Car Locksmith


How to Pick the Best Car Locksmith Dallas, Texas

Has your car key ever been stuck in your ignition? Have you ever locked your keys in your car? Whether the car was running or not, it could not have been a pleasant experience. If you are in the market for a car locksmith company, look no further than 469Locksmith. The services this Arlington-based locksmith company offers will make you feel that you and your vehicle are in good hands.

Plan Ahead

The first part about picking the best car locksmith company is to choose one in advance. For instance, if you moved into the Arlington, Texas area, ask your neighbors what locksmiths they use and recommend. It would be a good idea to do plenty of research, evaluating what services you need, the costs and so forth. If you have to do all of the work while you are stuck in a random parking lot or running late to an event, it will only make your stress levels increase and take more time when you do not have any to spare. Make sure you already have your car locksmith all picked out and have their contact information in your phone.

Ask for Referrals

Looking for a good car locksmith company can be daunting when you see thousands of reviews you have to sift through on Google or some other website. Make your life easier by asking your friends and coworkers in your area what locksmith they use. More often than not, the most effective way to find a highly acclaimed company is through word of mouth. If you do not have much luck with people you know, consider contacting your insurance companies. Some providers offer auto locksmith services or know of good companies.

Evaluate the Services

After you gather a list of potential companies to choose from, research each one individually. Go onto their company website or call them to see what services they offer. If they provide services that you never considered, but you thought would come in handy, make a note. For example, 469Locksmith not only unlocks your car when your keys are inside, but they provide other services. Some of these are car lock repair, key replacement or repair, unlocking trunks and transponder reprogramming to name a few. For more information about their automotive services, click here.

Determine Their Reputation

Once you have found an Arlington locksmith company, evaluate the company’s reputation. It can be as simple as asking those who referred you to the company why they like that particular company or going online. The internet has become a great resource for information, especially through customers sharing their experiences with various businesses through sites like Google or Another resource you can use is the Better Business Bureau website. If a company says they offer great services, but has a poor reputation due to customer service, it will make a big difference in your decision.

Response Time

Closely related to the company’s reputation is its response time, especially for a car locksmith company. Locking your key in your car or having a broken key stuck in your ignition is frustrating enough, but when a technician takes two hours to get to your location, it makes the matter even worse. Luckily, if you choose 469Locksmith, their staff will be at your location within 30 minutes.

Ask for Estimates

Even if you got a referral for a car locksmith, combed over the company’s reviews and evaluated their services, you need to ask for an estimate. For many customers, this is a deciding factor on whether or not they choose a certain company as their trusted locksmith. If the services are average and the prices are way too high, the chances are they will go with someone else. Ask for estimates of the company’s services, that way you can compare and contrast companies and their prices. That way you are not surprised when the time comes that you receive a bill. You can get a free estimate from 469Locksmith by clicking here.

Licensed Professional

Along with a car locksmith’s reputation and prices, you need to make sure they have the appropriate licensing to be a locksmith company. The Texas Department of Public Safety, specifically the Regulatory Services Division, regulates the licensing for locksmiths. In addition to having a background check, candidates must complete several courses and training in a full-time position with a lock shop. In order to know if the companies you research are licensed, visit the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services website. Be assured that you can ask to see the technician’s license before they do anything to your car. The state requires them to have their licenses on their person at all times.

Verify Insurance

After you know that a car locksmith is reputable and has the appropriate licenses, make sure they have insurance. This is for those rare instances when your vehicle gets damaged further during repairs. Many people forget to ask for the technician’s credentials, but it is a good practice to have. It is always a good idea to ask the technician for proof affiliation with certain locksmith. Chances are, the technician there to do work on your car will ask you for your credentials to ensure they are doing work on your own vehicle.

Continued Training

The last important aspect of choosing the best car locksmith is to make sure their employees undergo continued education in their respective areas. In accordance with the requirements set by the Texas Department of Public Safety, those licensed to be locksmiths must participate in training at least annually. Gaining more knowledge about vehicles and how they work is key to getting fast service. Especially since car manufacturers are incorporating more technology into their vehicles, technicians need to be up to date on all the changes.

In conclusion, the idea of planning ahead, asking for referrals, evaluating services, determining the company’s reputation and all the other aspects of choosing the best locksmith may seem very thorough. However, you will be grateful for the time you spent planning ahead when you are stuck with car key problems. Whether you have a broken key in your ignition or need your key replaced, 469Locksmith knows how to help you. They have well-trained technicians available 24/7, ready to help you no matter the hour. Contact them today to get more information or receive a free estimate.

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