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Do you want to get improved and impenetrable security? Then you must know about the access control system. 

Access control system (ACS) monitors and controls who or what is permitted entrance to a residence or facility. Also, it determines which entities are permitted access to a controlled facility depending on the reliability of their credentials. 

If you are unaware of how to install it then contact 469 Locksmiths in Hutchins. We can help install any access control system on your property. Our locksmiths are trained, bonded, professional, and familiar with advanced security systems and their installation. 

Offering Hutchins locals top-notch services is something we strive to do. Below we have listed different Access control systems that we can install for you.


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Our Expert Locksmith Hutchins team are licensed, bonded and insured and they take the locksmith services they perform for you very seriously. We provide prompt, professional locksmith services to the Hutchins area, giving our client a peace of mind.

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High-Security Doorbells

Doorbells can alert you to a visitor at the door. Given how far science and technology have progressed, your doorbell can serve more than just an alert today. You can make your property more secure with a more secure doorbell. How? Let us explain.

In many homes today, doorbells with innovation are common to monitor the entrance. In addition to alerting you to someone’s presence, smart doorbells with cameras also keep a watch on your entire entrance. It provides you with real-time visual records of every activity occurring in your entrance area.

A reputable locksmith, like 469 Locksmiths in Hutchins, can assist you in enhancing your security by installing doorbells. 469 locksmiths can properly inspect and survey your property and develop a suitable strategy to enhance your security. 

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Electric Door Closer

Offices are busy places where people enter the premises and leave frequently. In this situation, you need doors that don’t generate noise or cause a disruption. Fortunately, an automated door closer can come to your rescue in this circumstance. 

Door closers are hydraulic components connected to the top door frames that enable doors to close automatically and gently without smashing. This automatic door actuator is intended to secure your door. It can open and close both automatically and manually.

Electric door closers can fit practically any size and style of door. It provides greater security, comfort, and safety.


Opening Heavy doors can be particularly challenging for elderly persons and those with disabilities with weak upper body strength. Because of the convenience and safety that electric doors provide, several companies have successfully introduced electric door closers on their premises that abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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Electric Strike Locks System

Most industrial and commercial areas use electric strikers or electric strike plates. Because offices are congested and have heavy traffic, electric striking locks offer better protection to the doors. 

Electric strikers are electromagnetic door locking mechanisms with rim exit devices, cylinder locksets, or mortise locksets.

Electric strikers can be linked with access control solutions for the efficiency of remote access activation and to manage identification entering. 

Once the electric release is engaged, the door can be opened without using its mechanical lock or twisting door handles. This is enabled by a hinge within the electric striker pivoting. When the door opens past the strike plate, the hinge returns to its normal position and locks again as soon as it closes.

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Remote Control system

People search for practical security solutions these days because life is so hectic. A remote control system provides you with such convenience. The simple push of a button gives you access to your property.

Devices of this kind can be used for various things, including motorized entry doors, high-speed doors, garage gates, sliding doors, and sectional overhead doors.

 469 Locksmiths in Hutchins is regarded as a well-known name when it comes to installing remote control access systems and other entrance automation services. We provide a whole package of remote control access tailored to our customers’ needs.

Buzz-In Entry Systems and Telephone Intercom"

An intercom system lets you communicate with visitors. You can enquire about them if they are unknown to you through an intercom. Intercom or door buzzer entry systems are installed at your entrance with a doorbell. 

Your intercom will ring when a guest rings your doorbell, allowing you to speak with the person at the door.The telephone intercom and buzz-in entry system provide you with additional security.

 469 locksmiths can provide an extra layer of security to make you feel more protected. Our bonded and licensed professional locksmiths are capable of installing top-quality buzz in entry and intercoms.

These Buzz-in entry systems and telephone intercoms come in a variety of ways, such as:

Buzz Door Entry System

The "buzz door entry system" enables the visitors to press a call button, which enables the phone to ring, and the person inside can speak to the visitor through the phone. Visitors can only enter the building if they are granted access. This way, you can keep unauthorized people at bay.

Video Door Entry System

Do you require more security? The video door entry system is ideal for you in that case. How? Let's elaborate. Video door entry systems have recording capabilities that combine audio and visual resources. The system's camera and phone are instantaneously enabled when guests press the button outside. You can then evaluate the visitors and decide whether to let them in or not. You can buzz the guest in when everything is clear by pressing just one release button.

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Advantages of Buzz-In Entry Systems and Intercoms

Intercom-based door entry systems offer additional protection, but they also have certain other benefits, such as;

Digital Keypads and Smart Homes

Digital Keypads

Carrying keys can be annoying because you always worry about dropping, forgetting, and misplacing them. The worst-case scenario is breaking them in the lock. 

The electric lock and the digital keypad are the most modern and hassle-free options. As they are more convenient and secure to operate, You can install these locks in home and business areas.

Keyless locks with digital keypads unlock when you enter a code on a keypad or touchscreen. The digital keypad lets its owners quickly add or remove various user codes. Usually, the locks can take between 15 and 20 codes.

You won’t have to be concerned about problems like key forging and key duplication while using digital keypads. The digital keypad lock is available for residential and commercial applications. 

Below are some Keypad locks types available in the market.

Smart Home System

Have you ever imagined having remote access to your lights, garage door, locks, and even small appliances using your smartphone? It sounds fantastic. 

You can use the internet to connect with your smart home and ensure that dinner is ready, the heating is on, the shades are drawn, and a gas fire is raging in the living area when you return home.

Installing the smart home system is complex, and not all locksmiths can do it. The good news is that 469 locksmiths are qualified to install such a system for you. Only highly trained professionals who know how current tools work can do it.

Our smart home services include services like:

Push to Exit Button

You know that any company’s most significant challenge is preventing unauthorized entry to a company’s premises and restricted areas. Access control systems can be installed on entrances, doors, and gates to guarantee that only people with permission are allowed to enter.


At some point, a person within the building, such as a visitor or an employee, would need to leave. In this circumstance, the best course of action is to install a “press the exit button.”

When is the right time to install a push-to-exit button?

The versatility of an exit button is its main benefit. It comes in handy when there needs to be a free exit option on a door due to electronic locking.

Exit buttons can function perfectly in the event of a fire or any other emergency inside the structure. That is why they are usually activated on gates, fire doors, and other locations where access control systems are installed.

 It is an egress mechanism in industrial, residential, and commercial structures.

If your door doesn’t open with conventional handles, the exit button permits you to leave when you push it. It is a button mounted inside a room and connected to the electronic lock fixed on the door.

Magnetic Locks Installation in Hutchins, TX

An electromagnet and a primary plate are the main components of magnetic or electromagnetic locks. They need an electric connection to provide electricity for it to function effectively. 

The lockworks when the electromagnet in the lock attracts the plate and holds it against the door frame by creating a magnetic charge and when an electric current is passed through it. 

This keeps the door closed until the electricity is cut off or disrupted.

Uses And Types Of Magnetic Locks

Since emergency exit doors don’t have moving parts, they lower the risk of accidents when exiting. Electromagnetic locks have two dynamic holding capacities, 1200 pounds and 600 pounds. 

Magnetic locks come in a variety of sizes and with varying holding forces. They come in two main types.

Fingerprint/Biometric Locks

Fingerprint or biometric locks are high-tech scanning locks used by companies primarily for additional security. These are highly secure, making entry a challenge. They last longer, are durable and are access-controlled.

Although installing these security systems can be costly, you shouldn’t worry. All you have to do is get in touch with 469 locksmith Hutchins, and we’ll help you select the best fingerprint lock for your needs. 

Contact us at (469) 480 3395, and let us help you with installing your dream access control system. 

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